Brion SEV Unit

The GEVES experimental unit located in Brion is responsible for variety testing of vegetable, ornamental and agricultural crops in the North/West region of France.

Station Activities

GEVES’s Brion Unit carries out testing which is required for:

  • Registering and protecting varieties (DUS)
  • Maintenance testing
  • Variety checking

It works in liaison with the Cavaillon Unit which is responsible for the same tests in the South of France.

Experts who work at this station play a key role in the evolution of protocols and testing methods at national and international levels, through their collaboration with organisations such as the CTPS, the CPVO and UPOV, and also through methodological research projects which are conducted at the station.

This unit is also involved in the conservation of genetic resources (chicory, lentil, strawberry..).


Trials conducted at the station



Maintenance and/or variety checking

Vegetable species

Asparagus X X
Beetroot crops X X
Carrot crops X X
Carrot fodder X X
Celery X X
Chervil X X
Leaf chicory X X
Curly chicory and escaroles X X
Cabbage crops X X
Cauliflower X X
Cucumber X  
Gherkin X X
Courgette X X
Shallot X X
Endive X X
Spinach X X
Fennel X  
Bush beans and stems X X
Lettuce X X
Lentil X X
Lamb's lettuce X X
Turnip X X
Onion X X
Pasley X X
Leek X X
Garden pea X X
Pumpkin X X
Radish X X
Rhubarb X X
Scorzonera X X

Fruit species

Strawberry    X

Agricultural species

Chicory roots X  X
White lupin X  
Protein pea X  X
Quinoa X  

Ornamental species

Berberis X  
Buddleia  X  
Forsythia X  
Hortensia X  
Wegelia X  
...(non-exhaustive list)


Human Resources

  • Head of Unit: Jean-Michel RETAILLEAU
  • 16 permanent agents, including 2 engineers
  • 40 months/year of seasonal workers


Material Resources

  • A 30ha area with 10ha used for testing activities. The rest of the area is used for planting homogenisation crops. The earth is sandy with a neutral pH, and the climate is oceanic. The entire area is irrigable.
  • Over 3500m² of greenhouses and tunnels.
  • Over 200m² of cold chambers.


Brion Expermental Unit - Domaine de la Boisselière - BRION - 49250 LES BOIS D'ANJOU - FRANCE
Tel: 02 41 57 23 22

Head of Unit
Technical Secretary for Protein Plants

Head of Protein and Vegetable Plant DUS

Head of Protein Plant VCUS
Mr Pascal COQUIN Deputy Head of Unit
Technical Secretary for Vegetable Plants
Ms Alice DELIVEYNE Unit Administration
Mr Franck RUAULT Site Management
Ms Stéphanie CHRISTIEN Technical Secretary for ornamental, perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants

Head of Ornamental DUS
Mr Dominique ROUSSEAU
Head of Vegetable DUS

MATREF Network Coordinator