Montpellier SEV Unit

GEVES’s Montpellier unit is primarily responsible for the field testing of new varieties. The species tested are those cultivated in southern France.

Station Activities

GEVES's Montpellier Unit is located in the Valette area, based at the Agropolis centre which is made up of several higher education establishments and agricultural researchers (SupAgro, INRA, CIRAD, IRD, IRSTEA).

This station is responsible for variety testing of field species in liaison with two other GEVES stations in Anjouère and Le Magneraud. It carries out testing which is necessary for:

  • Registering and protecting varieties of field species
  • Seed certification

Experts who work at this station play a key role in the evolution of protocols and testing methods at national and international levels, through their collaboration with organisations such as the CTPS, the CPVO and UPOV, and also through methodological research projects which are conducted at the station.

Trials conducted at the station



VCUS networks piloted by Montpellier




Winter Cereals     X  
Forage Grasses X   X  
Grass X   X X
Lucerne X X X  
Pea, Winter Faba Bean, Vetch     X  
Rice       X
Soy     X  
Grain & Forage Sorghum X X X  
Sunflower     X X


Human Resources

  • Head of Unit: Vincent GENSOLLEN
  • 9 permanent agents
  • 27 months/year of seasonal workers


Material Resources

  • 40ha site area with 10ha testing area
  • The remaining area is used for planting homogenisation crops. The earth is very fertile, with deep silt of pH8 (clay, limestone and silt ground). The climate is mediterranean with prominent dry summers. The entire area is irrigable.


Montpellier Experimental Unit
La Valette - 711, rue Jean-François Breton 34090 MONTPELLIER

Tel: +33 4 67 04 35 80

Mr Vincent GENSOLLEN Head of Unit

Technical Secretary for Forage and Grass Plants
Mr Eric DELPON Deputy Head of Unit

Site management

Head of Rice VCUS
Ms Corinne RUDELLE Unit Administration
Head of Grass VCUS