Official recognition of collection managers

Decree No. 2015-1731 of 22 December 2015 (Art. D.660-3) stipulates that official recognition as a manager of a plant genetic resources collection shall be granted to natural or legal persons who:

  • Define selection criteria for adding or removing material from the plant genetic resources collection.
  • Ensure traceability throughout the flow of plant genetic resources, with a track of the resources’ direct suppliers and users who have received resource samples. In particular, traceability documents must be kept for all steps of the process.
  • Keep information on the legal status of plant genetic resources, especially with regard to the existence or absence of intellectual property rights, and clauses concerning their distribution and use.
  • Define the necessary conservation methods and means for plant genetic resources.
  • Respect the network charter guidelines when carrying out activities within the network.
  • Undertake to update a database of the plant genetic resources they manage, and identify in particular any heritage plant genetic resources.
  • Undertake to send a list of plant genetic resources, upon request, to the Ministry of Agriculture, as part of their national coordination activities. They will publish information on all heritage plant genetic resources that they manage. The nature of this information will be specified by order of the Ministry of Agriculture.


On the basis of these elements, an application for official recognition has been compiled by the PGR CTPS Section. This application is accompanied by a technical regulation which lays down the conditions and procedures for evaluating applications. Please note that these documents are only available in French.

Two review sessions of official recognition files will be held each year by an expert panel in autumn (file submission by April 30) and in spring (file submission by October 31).

Add to national collection

A system for entering plant genetic resources in national collection is currently being put in place by the PGR CTPS Section.

The application and the corresponding technical regulation will be available following their publication in the Official Journal.

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