French National Office for Plant Breeders’ Rights

French National Office for Plant Breeders’ Rights

A specialised organisation at your service to guide you through your applications for plant variety protection.


  • Receive, register, and process applications for plant variety rights (PVR), and also objections to the grant of a right.
  • Maintain the different registers for plant variety rights and ensure that all applications and granting documents are saved and published.
  • Publish information concerning applications, grants, and variety denominations via the INOV Official Gazette (monthly electronic publication).
  • Collaborate with all competent authorities on issues regarding variety denominations and technical examinations, including the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants, the Community Plant Variety Office and its Examination Offices, and foreign national offices for plant variety protection.
  • Prepare plant variety rights and deliver all certified copies.
  • Ensure the inspection of the conservation of varieties holding plant variety rights.
  • Assist with the preparation of regulatory documents concerning plant variety protection, participate in preparing and negotiating international agreements to facilitate and improve plant variety protection.


The French National Office for Plant Breeders’ Rights reports to the Ministry of Agriculture. The Head of INOV is appointed directly by the Ministry with an official notice of appointment, and carries out his or her duties independently of any other hierarchical or supervising authority. 


Rules and regulations

  • Act no. 2011-1843 of 08 December 2011 on Plant Variety Rights.
  • Decre=et 2014-731 of 27 June 2014 on the French National Office for Plant Breeders’ Rights.
  • Notice of 25 October 2016 concerning the nomination of the Head of INOV.

Our services


Access to the Official INOV Gazette with the option of receiving an e-alert for upcoming editions.

Variety Denomination Testing
On request from the INOV secretariat (fee charged)
All applicants, if they wish, may request INOV to check denomination availability and examine a series of denomination propositions prior to future applications.


INOV is run by a two-person team:

  • Yvane MERESSE

Head of INOV activities

  • Catherine MALATIER

INOV Assistant

INOV 50 ans


  • 02 dec. 1961

    International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants – UPOV

  • 11 june 1970

    Plant Variety Protection Act

  • 07 june 1971

    Creation of French Plant Variety by Decree No. 71-454

  • 27 july 1994

    CPVO established with Regulation No. 2100/94

  • 08 dec. 2011

    INOV set up by Act No. 2011-1843

  • 27 april 2012

    France signs the 1991 Act of the UPOV Convention (currently in force)

  • 27 june 2014

    Decree No. 2014-731 regarding INOV

  • 09 sept. 2014

    Nomination of 1st Head of INOV

  • 25 oct. 2016

    Nomination of 2nd Head of INOV

  • In 2011...

    INOV replaced the French Committee for Plant Variety Protection (CPOV) and in March 2012 joined GEVES at its Head Office in Beaucouzé.


INOV’s offices are based at the GEVES Head Office.

25 rue Georges Morel
CS 90024