The Official Catalogue of Species and Varieties of Cultivated Crops in France

The Official French Catalogue (national list) of species and varieties of cultivated crops contains over 9000 varieties and 190 species. It is overseen by the French Ministry of Agriculture, which publishes decisions on the registration and withdrawal of varieties in the Official Journal of the French Republic, based on proposals from the Technical Committee for Plant Breeding (CTPS). This online catalogue is a consolidation of those official decisions.

For all varieties registered in the Catalogue, you will find the official decision published in the Official Journal and, depending on the species, the variety description (used to distinguish a variety from other varieties) and VCUS test results (for agricultural species).

All varieties registered in a national catalogue are also included in the EU Common Catalogue, which means they can be marketed throughout the European Union.


Important notes:

  • The official catalogue for vine varieties is published on the FranceAgriMer website.
  • Forest trees are registered on the register of basic forest reproductive material, which is published on the Ministry of Agriculture’s website.

If you can’t find the variety you are looking for, please check in the Common catalogues for agricultural and vegetable species.

It is also possible that the variety is an old variety which is no longer registered in the Catalogue. It could also be a variety of a species that is not included in the Catalogue, such as buckwheat, millet, rocket, quinoa, and all ornamental and aromatic plants.

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Definition of lists for registration in the French Catalogue

List Definition 
A Field & Fodder: Varieties whose seeds can be produced and marketed in France
B Field & Fodder: Varieties whose seeds can be produced in France for export in third countries
C Field & Fodder: Conservation agricultural varieties marketed in region of origin
a Vegetable: Varieties whose seeds can be certified as basic or certified seeds or controlled as standard seeds and marketed in France
b Vegetable: Varieties whose seeds can be controlled only as standard seeds and marketed in France and by extension in the EU
c Vegetable: Conservation varieties of legumes marketed in their regions of origin
d Vegetable: Varieties of legumes with no intrinsic value
P Hybrid components
V Varietal association whose seeds can be produced and marketed in France and by extension in the EU
Y Repertoire of fruit varieties
1 Fruit: List 1 varieties with an Official Description, plants allowed to be commercialised and certified inside EU
2 Fruit: List 2 varieties with an Officially Recognised Description and first commercialised before September 30th, 2012. Plants are allowed to be commercialised inside EU (certification authorised on a case by case basis)


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