Officially recognised managers of PGR collections

This register will be updated as official recognitions are published in the Official Journal.

National Collection



Number of accessions

Date added to ITPGRFA multi-lateral system


National network

AubergineBRC Vegetables8010 August 2017SIREGALPublic-Private Solanaceae
OatBRC Small Grain Cereals60310 August 2017SIREGALPublic-Private Cereals
Soft wheatBRC Small Grain Cereals17755 May 2009SIREGALPublic-Private Cereals
FodderBRC Forage53117 January 2014SIREGALPublic-Private Fodder
MaizeBRC Maize53324 March 2009SIREGALPublic-Private Maize
PotatoBRC Bracysol9117 January 2014SIREGALPublic-Private Potato
TriticaleBRC Small Grain Cereals3610 August 2017SIREGALPublic-Private Cereals

Table updated: September 2017

These resources are also available in the EURISCO European database.

This register will be updated as further resources of national collection are published in the Official Journal and added to the ITPGRFA.