PHENOSEM is a seed phenotyping platform developed at GEVES’s seed testing station (SNES) as part of the SFR Quasav platforms, of which GEVES is a partner. PHENOSEM is part of the PHENOTIC instrumentation and imagery platform for seeds and plants.

PHENOSEM: Phenotyping platform for seeds and plants

The development of this platform stems from the SNES’s extensive experience in seed phenotyping. In addition, it benefits from years of collaborative research on automation and image analysis, which has been led since 2000 with various partners from the plant field (GEVES, INRA, Vilmorin) and the ICST field (Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies) with the University of Angers and ESEO, in particular as part of the previous project PHENOTIC.

The platform’s activities are aimed at both professionals and research, for specific services (such as germination kinetics or radiography), collaborative research projects, or access to our tools

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Main areas of activity

Internal morphology of seeds

Identification and measurement of qualitative and quantitative characteristics:

  • Characterising genotypes
  • Evaluating seed lot quality
  • Evaluating effects of procedures and treatments
  • Identifying parasites



Evaluation of seed maturity using chlorophyll fluorescence:

  • Homogeneous germination
  • Good conservation


Phenotyping of seedling germination and growth

Characterisation of vigour after soaking:

  • Automatised germination curves
  • Speed and uniformity of germination according to temperature
  • Study of effects of technoseed innovations


Seed health

Multispectral imagery is used to evaluate variety resistance to fusarium head blight in wheat. Other cereals and pathogens are also studied (Microdochium, Irigam).


Methodological studies upon request

Collaborative projects or prospective studies in response to specific requests :

  • Methods
  • Tools
  • Algorithms


Projects and communication in connection with the Phenosem platform:


To integrate phenotyping in your research projects or order phenotyping services:

Ms Sylvie DUCOURNAU Seed Phenotyping Activity Coordinator
Mr Didier DEMILLY Image Vision and Analysis Engineer
Customer Service

02 41 22 58 24

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