GEVES Career Opportunities

GEVES is a unique and dynamic workplace, with a host of dedicated technical teams all driven by a shared passion for plants. From the field to the lab, from researchers to engineers, GEVES offers diverse career opportunities!

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Looking to join GEVES?

Working at GEVES means joining a community of staff who are passionate about plants and the diversity of their missions, helping to support innovation for sustainable and high-performing agriculture.

GEVES offers a range of career opportunities in different fields. The recruiting process may be challenging, but the end result is worth it!

GEVES is proud to have a strong people-focus; its managers and Human Resources team support staff throughout their career to help further their expertise and maintain their motivation.

Our staff

84% of our staff recommend working at GEVES. GEVES is a Public Interest Group founded from three partner organisations: The French National Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research (INRAe), the French Ministry of Agriculture (MAAF), and the French Interprofessional Organisation for Seeds and Plants (GNIS). In this capacity, GEVES is able to recruit INRAe agents. These agents work for GEVES and represent 60% of our staff, but INRAe remains their official employer.  As such, they have civil servant status. The remaining 40% of agents are private sector employees, and are employed directly by GEVES. With more than 260 agents with these two statuses, all spread out over 13 locations, GEVES benefits from a broad spectrum of expertise. Whether you are a civil servant agent or seeking employment, you can join GEVES in the context of professional mobility or external recruitment, either via the INRAe website or the Vacancies section of the GEVES website.

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