Register a Variety in the French Catalogue


For each candidate variety for registration, the applicant or their representative must file an application with the general secretariat of the CTPS.


 Application procedure

  • File an application with the relevant forms, providing all necessary information for organising the technical examination, including the chosen denomination for the variety.
  • Provide plant material (seeds from the variety): the quantity to send and the location both depend on the species, and are specified in the notices available in “Access to documents”.
  • Pay the fees for the variety’s technical examination as set out by in the CTPS Price List for the current year, available at the bottom of this page (payment due upon receipt of invoice).

The closing dates for applications and providing plant material are provided in the document entitled “Notices”.

You have the possibility to send your applications for registration by email. For more information on the procedure: "E-application procedure


Access to documents

All documents needed for filing an application (forms and information documents) are available for each species using the search engine below:


See definitions of lists for registration


Guide to the application forms

Type of form

 For which species?

For what purpose?

Form no. 1

All species

Essential administrative information

Technical form no. 2

All species

Description based on basic morphological and physiological characteristics for the DUS examination

Technical form no. 2bis

Species with VCUS for registration on List A

Agricultural, technological and environmental results for the VCUS examination

Variety denomination proposal

All species

In order to validate the chosen denomination(s) - Find out more about denomination testing

Hybrid variety form 1b

All species


If the variety is a hybrid:

Vegetable hybrid form

Field crop hybrid form

PMA  Form

 All species


If requesting Provisional Authorisation for Sale in France before the technical examinations are concluded.

Vegetable PMA initial form

Vegetable PMA renewal form

Field crop PMA initial form

Field crop PMA renewal form

Results take-over form

All species

If the DUS examination has already been carried out by another EU examination office

DUS take-over form


In addition to these forms, various information documents are also available:

  • Notices/practical guides with instructions and useful information for filing an application for registration in the catalogue, according to the species
  • Technical rules explaining how the technical examinations are conducted for each species group or species
  • Protocols for carrying out the technical examinations for each species
  • Lists of references for species with VCUS examinations (agricultural species)
  • VCUS examination results for registered varieties (agricultural species).


Access to documents



Please send your application form to the following address:


CTPS General Secretariat
EU Notification


25 rue Georges Morel
CS 90024
49071 Beaucouzé 
Tel: +33 (0)2 41 22 86 00
Fax: 33 (0)2 41 22 86 01


Application fee

The CTPS Price Schedule presents the fees for applications for registration in the Official Catalogue of Species and Varieties, and for varieties registered or re-registered in the Official Catalogue of Species and Varieties.

Tests carried out for variety registration are subject to the annual payment of different administrative and technical fees by the applicant. After registration, an annual fee must be paid to maintain the variety in the Official French Catalogue. These fees are set out in the CTPS Price Schedule which is updated each year. They are listed by type of examination and by species or species group. The annual update of the CTPS’s prices takes into account changes in regulations and technical protocols, as well as costs incurred for testing, whilst maintaining the principle of mutualisation between “small” and “large” species. These price evolutions help to optimise the testing scheme, and assure the quality and reliability of results needed for registration. The CTPS works with GEVES to promote the attractivity of the Official French Catalogue, both technically and economically, and to promote the use of variety data produced from these tests.

As a public research organisation (public interest group), GEVES is authorised to grant Research Tax Credits (CIR). R&D related expenditures (including multi-criteria DUS and/or VCUS tests), which are eligible to receive CIR credits and are entrusted to GEVES, can be claimed for double their amount in your company’s CIR expenditure. For more information, please get in touch with GEVES’s accounting department by contacting Ms Nathalie CHAGNOT: 


BREXIT: Notice to breeders


Consequences of Brexit on the marketing of seeds and other propagating material included in the national registry of the United Kingdom only

In view of the notice sent to breeders by the European Commission on 8 September 2017 ( and the uncertainties following the decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union on 29 March 2019, the French Ministry of Agriculture is establishing a procedure for registration in the Official Catalogue of species and varieties of cultivated plants in France (Official French Catalogue) of varieties included in the registry of the United Kingdom only. Breeders will be able to register these varieties in the Official French Catalogue in order to continue marketing in the European Union after 29 March 2019.

The registration procedure is currently being finalised. It will take into account all regulations regarding species (with or without VCUS) and information needs for the sector, while remaining straightforward to implement. When this procedure has been validated by the competent authority, the documents for filing a registration application will be made available on the GEVES website. Applications must be made before 30 June 2018 in order for varieties to be registered in the Official French Catalogue before 29 March 2019.

Read more about the procedure for registering varieties concerned by Brexit in the Official French Catalogue

For more information, please contact Jacques Soyer or Virginie Bertoux