Plant Genetic Resources

Crop biodiversity plays a part in our everyday life; it can be found in our food, our daily needs (clothes, medicine, materials) and our surroundings (interior and garden plants).

Crop biodiversity is the product of a long process of domestication and breeding whereby we adapt plants to our needs: disease resistance, yield, flavour, medicinal qualities, aesthetic quality, dyeing quality, craft, and so on. This wealth of existing varieties, species, and crop wild relatives is a reservoir that we can continue to draw from in order to meet new challenges. It is vital that we conserve, characterise, and diffuse these resources, commonly known as Plant Genetic Resources (PGR).

National Coordination

PGR conservation for all cultivated species and their crop wild relatives (with the exception of forest trees) in France and its overseas territories.

Stakeholders of PGR conservation

A wide panel of stakeholders dedicated to protecting cultivated biodiversity.

French National Collections

Genetic diversity which is reflective of France's historic, cultural and scientific heritage.

International Context

Access to and use of plant genetic resources: a major international issue.

Useful documents

Legislation, practical guides, specific documents, databases, and much more.

PGR News

Whether you are a stakeholder of conservation or merely curious about PGR, here are the important dates for your agenda.


  • Officially recognised managers of PGR collections
  • National collections in France


  • Official recognition of collection managers
  • Add to a national collection