Sharing experiences using LEDs in plant pathology testing


At the PathoLED workshop organised by GEVES in May 2019, the participants came up with the idea of setting up a joint document to inventory experiments using LEDs. The aim is to provide information in a single location on successful and unsuccessful experiments, using LED technology instead of or in addition to other types of light sources. We hope that with your contribution, this will facilitate the transition to LED technology in plant pathology testing.

The document is now available as an Excel file that you can consult and update with your own data: on the pathosystems, the growth conditions – especially those regarding light and LED parameters – and the results (positive or negative) you have obtained. It seems important to include tests that have not been successful, to make the community aware of what is wrong and, more importantly, to receive feedback and advice that could make failures successful. If you consider aspects of your tests as confidential, please only provide information that is not covered by private rights.

Data access

Download the file:

Add your own data and send us the updated file:

We will update the public file regularly.


To send the data file updated with your own data, or if you have any questions concerning the process, please contact: