National Coordination

National Coordination

PGR conservation for all cultivated species and their crop wild relatives (with the exception of forest trees) in France and its overseas territories.

A National Coordination body was set up in 2016 by the French Ministry of Agriculture. Its activities cover all cultivated species and their crop wild relatives in France, except forest trees for which there is already a Forest Genetic Resources Committee.

This new organisation is composed of two entities:

  • A cross-sectional CTPS committee for the conservation of Plant Genetic Resources (PGR)
  • A National Coordination Structure


The missions of these two entities focus on four main areas of activity:

PGR CTPS Section National Coordination Structure
Official recognition of stakeholders and in situ, ex situ and “on-farm” PGR collections
  • Establish recognition criteria
  • Stakeholder and collection recognition
  • Identify and support stakeholders
Threatened collections or “orphan” species
  • Define priorities among target species and validate conservation schemes
  • Identify threatened collections and orphan species
  • Develop or create networks for stakeholders involved in PGR conservation, use and promotion.
Stakeholder support
  • Set up temporary support measures
  • Foster interactions between stakeholders involved in in situ and ex situ conservation
  • Provide policy assistance
International relations
  • Assist with the implementation of international PGR agreements
  • Represent France at European level
  • Promote France’s activities in PGR conservation at international level