National Coordination Structure

National Coordination Structure

The National Coordination Structure was created in 2016 by the Ministry of Agriculture. Set up within GEVES as part of the Variety Study Department, this new organisation has two main objectives:

Stakeholders involved in the conservation of plant genetic resources (PGR) have stressed the need for a nationally-recognised resources organisation to help address their conservation challenges. The current absence of national coordination and the dispersion of information makes it difficult to build links and synergies between stakeholders or efficiently relay initiatives developed in France to international bodies dealing with PGR conservation.

The Ministry of Agriculture is also interested in gaining an overall view of the state of ex situ, in situ and “on farm” conservation of cultivated plant genetic resources and their crop wild relatives, and the stakeholders involved in conservation. This overview would help to promote conserved crop diversity in France and the work of stakeholders and local/national initiatives around these species.


Name Job Mail
Ms Audrey DIDIER

National Coordination:

  • Moderator of the Coordination Structure
  • Technical Secretary for the PGR CTPS Section
  • ECPGR National Coordinator

Tel +33 (0)2 41 22 86 45

Mr Charles-Henry DUVAL

Technical expert for orphan collections:

  • Inventory and management of orphan species
  • Development of existing and potential conservation networks
  • Assistance to partners involved in conservation networks

Tel +33 (0)2 41 57 23 22 

Ms Bernice van ISSUM GROYER

dministrative assistant:

  • Management of applications for recognition (PGR CTPS Section)
  • Assistance to the coordination structure
  • EURISCO focal point

Tel +33 (0)2 41 22 85 95