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GEVES makes its specialised expertise openly available to the seed and plant sectors, offering a variety of comprehensive and high-quality testing services.

National containment : laboratory activities reduced

Due to national containment decision, we are forced to reduce our activities in order to comply with these instructions and guarantee the safety of the agents who carry them out.

In consultation with our founding members, we are only able to carry out our missions related to official activities.

For the analyses that you have already entrusted to us, we will carry them out and send you the results in the usual way.

If we encounter difficulties in carrying out the analyses correctly, we will not fail to contact you again.

As of today, no new request for analysis, can be taken into account.

Therefore, please do not send us any more samples.

For samples currently in transit between you and GEVES, please give us your instructions as soon as you read this message: store, destroy or return.

All services related to quotations that have not been put into production are suspended.

If necessary, we ask you not to send the material related to these services.

We will contact you to reschedule the services concerned as soon as possible.

We remain at your disposal to respond to your requests for rates and other offers. These will not be subject to quotations.

The SNES customer service remains at your disposal to answer your questions by e-mail: (open from 8h30 to 12h45 and from 13h45 to 17h).

We thank you for your understanding and will get back to you as soon as possible when we are able to resume our usual activity!

In the meantime, we wish you to go through this period as serenely as possible and in good health.

Expertise at GEVES

GEVES carries out testing on varieties, seeds and propagating material at its SNES and BioGEVES laboratories. Its SEV teams conduct field trials and evaluations.

GEVES carries out its activities in support of public policy with regard to plant variety and seed legislation, as well as assisting seed sector professionals in their various activities. GEVES is continually working to develop and implement new tools and techniques such as constituent analysis, GMO and pathogen detection, varietal identity testing, and seed quality testing with regard to physiological quality and specific genetic purity.

You can search all our services in the price list below:


Placing an order

To place an order, different options are available depending on the service:


Unable to find the species or analysis you were looking for?

Looking for assistance with a specific issue (expertise, suspicion of counterfeit, methodological development…)?

Contact us to put together a testing programme tailored to your technical requirements.

Seed quality analysis at the SNES

Ms Virginie BETTKER

Biochemical and biomolecular analysis at BioGEVES


Variety testing to assess disease resistance (SNES)

Ms Virginie BETTKER

In-field variety testing (SEV)


Test results

How are test results presented?

  • GEVES certificates and test reports

After the tests have been carried out by GEVES, a report is issued called an “Analysis Certificate”. This certificate features the results for each test that was requested. Through its status as an official reference laboratory, GEVES’s certificates are officially recognised, with the added value of COFRAC and/or ISTA accreditation depending on the analysis.

When an analysis has been carried out under COFRAC accreditation, the certificate features the COFRAC logo and the scope of accreditation.


  • ISTA Certificates

GEVES and its SNES laboratory are ISTA accredited, and able to issue ISTA certificates. There are two types of ISTA certificates: Orange International Certificates (OIC) and Blue International Certificates (BIC).

Orange International Certificates, which are recognised internationally by many different countries, provide information on the quality of seed lots. The form, provided by ISTA, is orange (hence the name). As the sample used for testing is produced in a strict and controlled environment, it is therefore considered that test results represent the quality of the entire seed lot.





Blue International Certificates, also recognised in numerous different countries, provide information on the quality of the seed sample only.

The fundamental difference between the OIC and BIC is the origin of the sample. If the sample has been taken in an ISTA-accredited environment, an OIC may be issued. If not, only a BIC may be issued.




As an ISTA-accredited laboratory, the SNES ensures that samples taken using automatic samplers are valid. This validation guarantees that seed lots are sampled according to ISTA rules and therefore allows for an OIC to be issued for those seed samples.


How can I access my results?

The certificates or test reports are sent by postal mail or by email. GEVES also provides the option of accessing your results online.

ISTA certificates are sent by postal mail. ISTA is currently developing an electronic certificate system.


Tools & equipment to meet your professional needs

GEVES also has tools and equipment which are available to researchers and seed sector professionals for research projects in collaboration with GEVES, or for company-specific research programs.  

In view of the French government's lockdown measures relating to COVID-19, GEVES’s activities have been significantly altered and our staff are working from home wherever possible. GEVES is currently maintaining its official missions which cannot be deferred.

In order for us to meet your demand as efficiently as possible, please contact us by email rather than postal mail.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your usual GEVES contact by email or send a message to

We hope you can get through this time as calmly as possibly. Stay healthy, and stay in touch.