Le Magneraud SEV Unit

Le Magneraud SEV Unit

The Magneraud experimental unit is located on the west coast of France. Its geographic position, with an oceanic climate, allows the unit to test both varieties adapted to Northern regions and those theoretically reserved for France’s warmer regions.

Station Activities

The Le Magneraud Experimental Unit is based on the INRAE site. This station is responsible for variety testing of field varieties in liaison with two other GEVES stations in Anjouère and Montpellier. It carries out testing which is necessary for:

  • Registering and protecting varieties of field species
  • Seed certification

GEVES’s reference collections for field crop plants are conserved here. All seed lots undergoing VCUS testing go through this station.

Experts who work at this station play a key role in the evolution of protocols and testing methods at national and international levels, through their collaboration with organisations such as the CTPS, the CPVO and UPOV, and also through methodological research projects which are conducted at the station.

Trials conducted at the station





 VCUS networks piloted by Le Magneraud




Safflower     X  
Cereals  X    X  
Rapeseed and other crucifers  X X    
Maize  X   X  X
Pea    X
Soy      X  
Sorghum  X    X  
Sunflower  X X  X  X
Vetch X  


Human Resources

  • Head of Unit: Christophe Grizeau
  • 18 permanent agents for variety testing
  • 4 permanent on-site agents
  • 7 permanent agents for seed management


Material Resources

  • 101ha site area with irrigation including a 30ha area for field testing
  • Material for testing field species

Seed management:

  • 2 cold chambers with total storage capacity of 1600m³ (approx. 40,000 samples)
  • 1 logistics chain for seed treatment and packaging
  • 3 growing chambers for germination tests


Le Magneraud Experimental Unit – CS 40052 – Saint Pierre d’Amilly – 17700 SURGERES – FRANCE
Tel: +33 5 17 06 00 22

Name Job Mail

Mr Christophe GRIZEAU

Head of Unit


Deputy Head of Unit

Head of Seed Management

Ms Régine DUPRE

Unit Administration


Site Management


Technical Secretary for Maize and Sorghum

Head of Maize and Sorghum DUS

Head of Vegetable Maize DUS

Ms Christine FINTZ

Technical Secretary for Sunflower, Soy & Ricin

Head of Sunflower VCUS