The French Catalogue and Results for the Plant and Seed Sectors

Data acquired during the technical examinations for registration is primarily used to provide the necessary technical information for the decision of registration in the French Catalogue. This data can also be widely used in other contexts. 

The catalogue and results from tests carried out for registration

The French catalogue provides a list of registered varieties with administrative data (list, year of registration, breeder, maintainer). On top of this, it provides access to results of the tests carried out to assess the value and description of a variety. You can find these descriptions on our website for all varieties registered in the Catalogue:


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The continuum for variety evaluation

The data acquired by the CTPS offers a wealth of information that can be used to foster knowledge production.

For fruit species, varieties are especially studied within the national charter for the characterisation and behaviour of fruit varieties and rootstocks, led by the FNPF, CEP, INRA and CTIFL. Behavioural studies are conducted by a network of Ctifl centres and regional centres involved in the charter.

To help users choose varieties and obtain information on the varieties’ potential, the CTIFL provides various databases for walnut, cherry, apricot, peach, nectarine and strawberry varieties.

At European level, this assessment is carried out in the framework of the EUFRIN network.

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