Specific preparation of cereal rusts

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Specific preparation of cereal rusts

Since 2009, GEVES has been maintaining and producing rusts on cereals. Each year, the pathology laboratory multiplies  races selected by CTPS experts, based on the results of annual epidemiological studies carried out by INRAE Bioger as part of the variety listing process.

Races of yellow rust (Puccinia striiformis) and brown rust (Puccinia recondita) pathogen on wheat and triticale, as well as races of crown rust (Puccinia coronata) pathogen on oat are available in the form of spore pills for secondary inoculation on seedlings. Yellow rust is also supplied as trays of infected seedlings that can be transplanted as a primary infection source.

2023 production has now begun at GEVES. Orders can be made at GEVES until mid-February for trays and March for pills (contact: service.client@geves.fr).

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