From the Vine CTPS Section

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From the Vine CTPS Section

On 11 June 2024, the members of the CTPS Vine Section approved a project initiated by its Catalogue Commission, which serves as the Section’s common position on acceptable denominations for new vine varieties. The document sets out all the texts in effect in Europe and internationally governing the possible denominations of vine varieties. This is a sensitive subject, as it goes beyond plant material, given the possibility of displaying vine varieties on wine bottles. This document will be sent by the Technical Secretary of the Vine Section to all current and future applicants of varieties to the CTPS.

At the discussion on the sustainable management of resistance genes, it was pointed out that it would be useful for the CTPS to have information from the Oscar2 network, a new observatory network for varieties with resistance genes, to complete the data on the behaviour of varieties once they have been registered in the Catalogue. The Vine Section is going to investigate the question of the value of a doctrine about varieties with one or more resistance genes and is wondering what position should be adopted for varieties with a resistance gene that has been bypassed by a strain of pathogen, even though they are already registered or proposed for registration in the future.

A presentation by the INAO gave an overview of the development of vineyard in Controlled designation of origin of areas planted with varieties of interest for adaptation. These varieties, introduced for experimental purposes and subject to certain conditions laid down by the INAO (duration, surface area, proportion in blends claiming the appellation, etc.), would make it possible to meet the objectives of the CDO defence and management bodies (ODG). The ODGs are looking to encourage varietal diversity, adapt to climate change and reduce inputs. Vine varieties are one of the possible solutions for meeting the contemporary challenges faced by the wine industry in the face of new climatic or societal issues in CDO vineyards.

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