PathoLED Workshop

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PathoLED Workshop

Are you working on plant pathology in controlled conditions?

Then you will be affected by the announced ban on neon lights. The only available alternative is LED light. Questions have been raised about this technological leap and how best to introduce this technology into our labs.

However, initial results have revealed unexpected difficulties, particularly effects of this technology on pathosystems. In this context, GEVES is organising a dedicated international workshop:


PathoLED: Light sources and plant pathology test outcomes

14th May 2019 at GEVES, Angers – France


Download the programme:


Download the presentations :

  1. Nicolas Denancé – GEVES
  2. Ela Frak – INRA Lusignan
  3. Didier Demilly – GEVES
  4. Rémi Gardet – AgroCampus Ouest
  5. Suthaparan Aruppillai – NMBU, Norway
  6. Bénédicte Fabre – INRA Nancy
  7. Ruth Bryant – RAGT Seeds, UK
  8. Jeroen Reintke – Enza Zaden, Netherlands
  9. Sophie Perrot – GEVES
  10. Juan Aguilar – HM Clause, Spain
  11. Valérie Grimault, GEVES


For further information please contact:


With the support of the French Society for Plant Pathology and the French Society of Plant Biology:




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