GEVES in China for training of Chinese counterparts in DUS testing

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GEVES in China for training of Chinese counterparts in DUS testing

A GEVES delegation, alongside the CPVO and Naktuinbouw, contributed to a training course from 11/09-15/09 on DUS testing for DUS managers and operational actors from two Chinese organisations involved in the implementation of DUS testing, one from the Academy of Agriculture dedicated to vegetable and agricultural species and the other from the Forest Department dedicated to ornamental, fruit and forest species. The training was organised under the aegis of the Chinese authorities wishing to further develop the marketing of new varieties from different origins and IP Key China (a European Commission initiative for the implementation of Intellectual Property). 

The training focused on general methodology for conducting testing and illustrated by GEVES experts with cases of DUS protocols for four species (aubergine, Chinese cabbage – pak choy, hydrangea and chilli/pepper). It involved both theoretical and practical field aspects, and stimulated interesting discussions on operational aspects of DUS testing (variety collection, observation and measurement methodologies, etc.). About fifty people participated from organisations involved in DUS testing for registration or protection.   

As the Chinese authorities have decided to extend the number of species subject to registration (beyond wheat, cotton, maize, maize, rice and soya) and no longer charge for official DUS testing, a sharp increase in the number of varieties applying for protection/registration was observed in 2018 with around 5000 applications. With 26 official test stations, most of them located in the eastern half of the country, the network will be expanded in the short term by 2 new stations. 

This week of training and exchanges between EU Examination Offices and China could lead to increased cooperation between China and the EU in the coming months in order to strengthen Chinese DUS teams, and in particular to consolidate Intellectual Property in China.

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