From the CTPS section oilseed rape and other crucifers

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From the CTPS section oilseed rape and other crucifers

At its meeting on August 1, the CTPS ” Oilseed rape and other crucifers ” section proposed the registration of 18 varieties in list A, including 1 resistant to certain pathotypes of the cruciferous clubroot and 1 in a brand new heading for use as a service plant as a trap for meligèthes. Among these 18 varieties, 11 are qualified as “partially resistant” to Turnip Yellows Virus (TuYV). 1 variety has also been proposed for inclusion in list B.

During this meeting, different evolution points concerning the DUS and VATE studies were discussed. Decision criteria and thresholds for VATE acceptance of cruciferous varieties for service plant use were studied and validated.

This section will meet again on November 15 and will propose further entries on the basis of the finalized VATE results (not yet available at the end of July).

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