Technical commitee ISHI 2023 in the USA

26 Oct 23 Image

Technical commitee ISHI 2023 in the USA

Every year, the International Seed Federation (ISF) organises the ISHI-Veg (International Seed Health Initiative – Vegetables) technical committee on plant health research in different countries. This year the ISHI-Veg meeting took place in Atlanta from the 02 nd to the 06 th of October.

GEVES participates in the technical committees for the development and validation, at international level, of pathogen detection methods for vegetable plants of interest to the seed industry, such as tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and beans. Scientific and seed industry representatives from more than 15 countries came together to present the progress of their projects and to agree on the rules for validating the methods, which will be recognised internationally.

The GEVES teams, which are actively involved in steering or participating in the technical groups, took this opportunity to share their knowledge and move projects forward to ensure the future of seed pathogen detection methods.

Find out more about the ISHI methods already published for pathogen detection ISHI Methods – International Seed Federation

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