SUCSEED: half-time

26 Feb 24 Image

SUCSEED: half-time

Winner of the “Growing and Protecting Differently” Priority Research Programme, the SUCSEED project has already reached the halfway stage. 

On 6 and 7 February 2024, the project’s annual reporting days were held at INRAE in Versailles. This was an opportunity to take stock of the first results and the progress of the WorkPackages: production of genotypes linked to the target species, development of the various pathosystems, identification and production of synthetic communities (SynCom) from seed microbiota, identification of the defence pathways against bioaggressors and of the molecules present in the spermosphere of germinating seeds, as well as the first elements on the formulation of SynCom or other non-microbial candidates of interest.

Numerous exchanges between WP leaders and project partners have enabled the expertise of each to be pooled to continue the cross-disciplinary work. The roadmap for further research has been drawn up to achieve the final objectives.

GEVES is continuing its involvement with work on seed ageing and its impact on the nature of the exudates released during germination, the development of methods for phenotyping seed germination under stress conditions and the production of tomato seeds contaminated by a bacteria with the aim of evaluating the effectiveness of alternatives to pesticides for seed protection.

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