Seeds and Biocontrol Workshop

18 Nov 19 Image

Seeds and Biocontrol Workshop

On 2nd October, the Seeds and Biocontrol scientific workshop was held in Paris with the theme “What solutions for the agriculture of tomorrow?” The day consisted of presentations reviewing scientific and technical developments in biocontrol for seeds. Co-funded by the GIS BV and the Biocontrol Consortium and organised with the support of the GEVES, IRHS, FNAMS, Végépolys Valley and Limagrain, the event brought together 80 public and private stakeholders involved in biocontrol and the seed sector. The aim was to share expertise and highlight priority research questions to support the development of biocontrol for seeds. 

Based on presentations by scientists and stakeholders involved in biocontrol and/or seeds, a Q&A game was set up and reinforced by the organisation of round table discussions. From this very constructive dialogue, many avenues of work were identified in order to offer knowledge and tools, and remove barriers to the deployment of biocontrol for seeds which had been brought up during the day. Discussions included the role and challenges around plant breeding, plant interactions with selected or applied micro-organisms, sourcing of new molecules or digital and technological development for the integration and evaluation of biocontrol for seeds in crop systems. The results of these discussions will be the subject of a position paper summarising the research issues to be collaboratively addressed with the public, technical experts and private stakeholders.  

The richness of the exchanges and the strong mobilisation recorded at this scientific workshop Seeds and Biocontrol showed the importance and interest of seeds in a context of agroecological transition and reduction of chemical inputs. All agreed to highlight the key role of seeds as a vector of innovation, which must be supported by inter and multidisciplinary collaborations that promise a bright future for this synergy between seed and biocontrol. 

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