Research partners

GEVES undertakes diverse collaborative research activites, working in close relation with a range of scientific and agricultural partners.


GEVES’s research activities are carried out in partnership with various actors as part of national and international programs, and in the context of method improvement (contracted projects, international projects for optimised protocols, preliminary studies before developing new methods, developments, improvements, transfer, harmonisation of existing methods and validation for international recognition).

GEVES conducts research projects in close collaboration with INRA and other academic partners, research institues, seed producers, sector professionals, laboratories, and fellow European examination offices.

In view of the French government's lockdown measures relating to COVID-19, GEVES’s activities have been significantly altered and our staff are working from home wherever possible. GEVES is currently maintaining its official missions which cannot be deferred.

In order for us to meet your demand as efficiently as possible, please contact us by email rather than postal mail.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your usual GEVES contact by email or send a message to

We hope you can get through this time as calmly as possibly. Stay healthy, and stay in touch.