Roses and hydrangeas bloom in the national collection

28 Jun 21 Image

Roses and hydrangeas bloom in the national collection

Ornamental species led the way in the new introduction procedure initiated in 2018, adding 202 rose and 19 hydrangea resources to the National Collection.   

The 202 roses come from a rose garden in Maine-et-Loire, including over 3,000 resources maintained by Thérèse Loubert, who has specialised in old rose varieties for nearly 40 years, particularly those from the 19th century. Rare botanical rose resources are also represented.  

As for the hydrangeas, 19 French varieties are added to the national collection. They mainly come from the beginning of the 20th century, from the work of the Mouillère family. These magnificent hydrangeas are kept by the Shamrock association in Seine-Maritime as part of a collection of approximately 2,000 resources. 

These resources complement the national collection composed of resources of importance for France. 

In particular, it includes heritage plant genetic resources which are part of the national agricultural, horticultural, forestry and food history, or which are emblematic of a region. These resources must be conserved in the general interest and under conditions that facilitate access to samples of these resources for citizens, any natural or legal person and the international community. 

The list of resources introduced into the national collection was published in the Official Journal on the 24th of  March and on the 20th of May 2021. 

Photo 1 – Thérèse Loubert Rose Garden – Photo credit: A. Didier, GEVES
Photo 2 – Madame Emile Mouillère – Photo credit: R. Mallet, Association Shamrock


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