Maize and Sorghum CTPS Section meeting, 29 September 2020

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Maize and Sorghum CTPS Section meeting, 29 September 2020

At its remote meeting on 29/09, the Maize and Sorghum CTPS Section was pleased to note an increase in the number of maize applications in 2020, after several years of decline. A total of 160 applications were submitted for inclusion in list A, up 13% compared to 2019. The changes made at the beginning of the year to the technical regulations for registration were undoubtedly a significant factor in this positive development.

For grain sorghum, the Section has taken note of the draft, drawn up by the VCUS expert group, aimed at modifying the VCUS test network and decision rules. The new proposed rules aim to establish a goal of genetic progress smoothed over time for new varieties and to support listing of varieties with stable agronomic performance under different production conditions. The performance achieved by new varieties in limiting conditions will have more weight in the listing decision than the performance obtained in trials with high yield potential, which represent only 30% of French sorgho surface. The proposed rules can be applied for applications as of February 2021.

The Section has also been asked to examine applications of sorghum and maize varieties with new characteristics which are not evaluated by the CTPS. It was in favour of taking into account a diversity of varieties which will be useful to all stakeholders in the maize and sorghum sector.

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