ISSS Conference (International Seed Science Society), Paris – July 2023

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ISSS Conference (International Seed Science Society), Paris – July 2023

This international conference on the stakes of seed science in a changing world was attended by 250 people.

The conference addressed fundamental scientific work on the mechanisms of seed dormancy, germination and tolerance to desiccation, more applied approaches to adapting seeds to changing climatic conditions, the importance of seed microbiota in their response to biotic and abiotic stresses, the conservation of genetic resources and the restoration of endemic environments.

Under the “microbiota” theme, the French research teams involved in SUCSEED (Stop the Use of pestiCides on Seeds by proposing alternatives) presented the progress achieved after the first two years of this project.

A joint ISSS/ISTA session focused on the benefits of plasma seed treatment techniques and the activation of defences thought anti-bacterial treatment or priming.

On the GEVES side, there was an oral presentation on the results of the Qualilev project on phenotyping sunflower germination and growth under early sedding conditions, a poster on the effect of tomato seed treatment with biostimulants on seedling growth and a stand presenting the missions of GEVES.

This biennial conference remains a unique opportunity for researchers and professionals to meet and exchanges ideas, both to raise research questions and to transfer results or new techniques.

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