In 2018, the quality of GEVES’s activities is still recognised!

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In 2018, the quality of GEVES’s activities is still recognised!

Maintaining recognition from external organisations (ISTA, OCVV, AFNOR, COFRAC) enables us to demonstrate the quality of GEVES’s activities. The beginning of 2018 was busy with several audits which gave us the opportunity to renewal our certification, to maintain and extend our accreditations, and to anticipate the renewal of our entrustment by the CPVO.

On 30 April 2018, GEVES obtained its extension of certification by AFNOR for its management in accordance with new 2015 version of the ISO 9001 “Quality System Management” standard  for the “Assessment of agronomic, technological and environmental value of new plant varieties for registration in French and community catalogues, and for biochemistry and molecular biology testing on varieties and seeds.”

The application of this new 2015 version of ISO 9001 has allowed GEVES to improve its formalisation of certain aspects, such as:

  • GEVES’s challenges
  • GEVES’s stakeholders and their expectations
  • Risks and opportunities (in management and processes)

The adaptation of the quality management system was carried out by the quality team and GEVES’s employees. Several training courses have been set up for key actors (process managers, internal auditors, the board of directors).

GEVES is accredited by COFRAC in accordance with the recognised international standard ISO 17025: 2005 for “physical and physiological analysis, bacteriology analysis, mycology analysis, virology analysis, nematology analysis and the detection of GMO” conducted at Beaucouzé and Surgères by SNES and BioGEVES laboratories (Accreditation certificate n°1-1316 and 1-6176, scope available on

In the framework of COFRAC’s surveillance, an audit was carried out in February 2018 concerning mycology analysis, nematology analysis and the detection of GMO. COFRAC renewed its accreditation of testing carried out by GEVES.

From the 19-21 June a CPVO audit will tkae place in order to renew our entrustment to conduct DUS testing in the framework of European Variety Protection.

All these recognitions, extended and maintained over the years, demonstrate GEVES’s continual commitment to quality and its contribution to evolutions in agriculture, in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century at national and international levels with its partners.

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