GEVES: Blooming Ornamental Expertise!

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GEVES: Blooming Ornamental Expertise!

On 23-26 January, GEVES attended the IPM international fair for horticulture in Essen (Germany). Sharing a common booth with the CPVO and our peer examination offices from Germany  from Germany, the UK and the Netherlands, GEVES promoted Plant Variety Rights (PVR) and the technical examination process. 

GEVES is a recognised DUS examination office for more than 100 species, including hydrangea, buddleia and lavender. 

The examination of these ornamental species is performed at two testing stations: the Northern station, located in Brion (North-West of France) is dedicated to hydrangea, buddleia, abelia and berberis. The Southern station in Cavaillon (South-East of France) is mainly devoted to Mediterranean, aromatic and medicinal species such as lavender, lagerstroemia and thyme. For many of these species, GEVES has an in-vivo collection: the hydrangea collection contains more than 1,000 varieties.

A dedicated team of 6 experts performs the technical examinations. They are also involved in methodological research and contribute their expertise for the evolution and evaluation of DUS protocols on both the European (CPVO) and international (UPOV) stage.

As a consequence of Brexit, the UK will no longer have the possibility to perform examinations for EU PVRs. Therefore, species for which the UK was formerly accredited are currently being assigned to other European offices.

For France, GEVES has been entrusted more than 150 new species, including echinacea, hibiscus, coreopsis, leucanthemum and sage. It is also intended to include chrysanthemums in these new species. Our team is already contacting breeders of the concerned genus to establish collections.





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