From the CTPS section maize and sorghum

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From the CTPS section maize and sorghum

The CTPS maize and sorghum section met on October 28. It was informed of the number of files submitted for examination by the CTPS for registration in the French Catalog: 153 files for maize list A and 20 files for maize list B and 20 files for sorghum list A.

During the section on Octobre 7, 2021, the section had validated the creation of a mention for maize varieties “Grown in high density”. 11 varieties were submitted for examination in 2022. The section had also approved the opening of a heading “Rich in polyphenols” for the maize species, 3 varieties are under review this year.

A provisional assessment of the 2022 growing season and seed production was shared by Arvalis and the FNPSMS. The climatic phenomena (heat and water deficit) from the very beginning of the planting had an impact on the stands, the development of the plants and the cobs and therefore on the yields and the technical results of seed production. This year was historically low in contrast with the record year of 2021 for maize and sorghum yields.

The section took note of regulatory news regarding the Organic Agricultural Regulation UE/2018/848 and more specifically on Organic Varieties Adapted for Organic Production (VBAPB). On September 26, 2022, were published, in the Official Journal of the European Union, the implementing directives of the Commission, including the 2022/1647 of September 23, 2022, amending Directive 2003/90/CE as concerns a derogation for organic varieties of agricultural plant species adapted on organic production.

The CTPS maize and sorghum section has been informed that it is concerned by this temporary experimentation and that it will have to take in charge the transposition of the directive 2022/1647 in its maize technical regulation before June 30, 2023.

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