From the CTPS Forest Trees section

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From the CTPS Forest Trees section

At its meeting on 19 September 2023 at the premises of the DGPE (MASA) offices, the CTPS Forest Trees section dedicated a large part of its agenda to examining applications for the approval of news materials (Poplar clones, maritime pine seed orchard, of red oak and Cephalonia fir) and updating the national register of basic materials for forest species.

Advice sheets on the use of forest reproductive material were also updated. Section members discussed harvest forecasts, regarding market needs and the expectations of nurserymen and reforesters. Drawing up a roadmap would help to improve the visibility and anticipation of these collective needs, to better respond to the public policies concerning the French forest.

Finally, the subject of the “Forest Reproductive Material” (FRM) published on 5 July 2023 was addressed: after a dedicated meeting at the beginning of September, the Section reviewed the main points of concern.

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