26% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions at GEVES

3 Oct 23 Image

26% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions at GEVES

GEVES has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 26% between 2019 and 2022, with emissions linked to energy consumption, refrigerant leaks and nitrogen fertilisers accounting for around ¼ of total emissions.

Using the ADEME methodology for producing a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report, GEVES has assessed all its sources of greenhouse gas emissions for the first time. In 2022, 4098 tonnes of CO2 equivalent were emitted by GEVES, representing 530 journeys around the globe by car!

The distribution of these 4098 TCO2eq by emissions source revealed the importance of purchasing-related emissions, representing 46% of GEVES’ total emissions! Moreover, the results of the “commuting home to work” survey showed that this source of emissions was the second most important. These journeys represent 422 TCO2eq, or 10% of total emissions.

This assessment and its comparison with previous Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reports enables us to see the current state of GEVES emissions, to measure the effects of work carried out in recent years, and to defined ways of reducing emissions as part of the GEVES Ambition 2030 strategy.

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