Test your plant knowledge: Official launch of the Plant Quiz!

5 Jul 22 Image

Test your plant knowledge: Official launch of the Plant Quiz!

After “Are you a top seed?“, we are delighted to announce the official launch of the Plant Quiz which allows you to test your own knowledge (one player) and to send a game to friends, colleagues… (multiplayer). It is accessible free of charge from a computer or a telephone with the QRcode below:








This game was developed by GEVES in response to a call for scientific culture projects, with the support of Pays de la Loire Region and the University of Angers.

It was presented in test version at the SIVAL trade fair in mid-March 2022 in Angers and in its latest version on 9-10 June at the Gamae days at INRAE in Clermont Ferrand.

You can test the game NOW in French, and an English version is underway. This game will continue to grow and be completed with new questions across it’s different themes! YOU (expert in your field, teacher for a student project…) can also contribute! For more information or to send us your comments, contact us: communication@geves.fr

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