Expert meeting: laboratory recognition for seed certification

5 Jul 22 Image

Expert meeting: laboratory recognition for seed certification

This group of experts made up of representatives of companies, Labosem, the FNPSMS laboratory, GEVES and SEMAE met on 28 June in Paris.

This group’s mission is to study the results of laboratory monitoring, concerning germline and counting tests, recognised by SEMAE’s Quality and Official Control Department (previously SOC).

GEVES, as NRL for seed certification, was present to provide its methodological expertise as well as elements relating to the technical supervision of laboratories (training, qualification, audit, proficiency tests, etc.). An assessment of the laboratory audits carried out by SNES auditors, in some cases accompanied by FNPSMS auditors, and an assessment of the Basic Seed Analyst and Senior Analyst certificates issued during the season were presented to the group by GEVES.

Next year’s Proficiency Test programme organised for recognised laboratories was discussed and will be validated shortly by the Quality and Official Control Department.


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