The different strains of pathogens, control varieties and differential hosts are available at the GEVES pathology laboratory.

Available material

Legend :

  • S= Susceptible
  • R= Resistant
  • IR= Intermediate Resistance
  • * : Not available yet

Method protocols are available upon request

Pathogens Isolates Controls Differentials

Didymella pisi (Dp)


S: Merveille de Kelvedon
R: Madonna (borne basse)
R: Nina (borne haute)

Merveille de Kelvedon, Dark Skin Perfection, Rondo, Cobri, Gullivert, Finale

Bean yellow mosaic virus (virus 2) (BYMV)


S: Diaman
R: Nina


Erysiphe pisi


S: Cabro, Cabree, Aladin*
R: Stratford, Vivaldi*, Alezan


Fusarium oxysporum f.s.p. pisi (Fop)


S: Bartavelle
R: New Era (borne basse)
R: Nina (borne haute)

Grant, M-410, Mini, Mini 93, 74SN5, Sundance, Vantage, WSU23, WSU28, New season

Table update : March 2021