The different strains of pathogens, control varieties and differential hosts are available at the GEVES pathology laboratory.

Available material

Legend :

  • S= Susceptible
  • R= Resistant
  • IR= Intermediate Resistance
  • * : Not available yet

Method protocols are available upon request

Pathogens Isolates Controls Differentials

Bean common mosaic necrotic virus (BCMNV)


S: Dufrix
R: Bizet, Booster

Pinto UI114, IVT7233, IVT 7214,
Dubbele Witte, Imuna, Puregold wax,
Great Northern UI 123, Sanilac, Red mexican UI 34, Monroe, Widusa, Black Turtle Soup I, Top crop, Amanda

Colletotrichum lindemuthianum (CI)


S: Michelet à longue cosse
R (borne basse): Pastoral
R: Booster

Michelite, Michigan,
Dark Red Kidney, Perry Marrow,
Cornell 49242, Widusa, Kaboon, PI2072262, Mexico 222, TO, TU, AB136*, G2333


S: Michelet à longue cosse

R: Booster

Pseudomonas savastanoi pv. phaseolicola (Psp)


S: Michelet à longue cosse
IR: Vaillant
R: Masaï

Canadian Wonder, A52,
Tendergreen, Red Mexican UI3,
Mesunka (1072), A53, A43, Guatemala 196-B

Table update : July 2020