The different strains of pathogens, control varieties and differential hosts are available at the GEVES pathology laboratory.

Available material

Legend :

  • S= Susceptible
  • R= Resistant
  • IR= Intermediate Resistance
  • * : Not available yet

Method protocols are available upon request

Pathogens Isolates Controls Differentials

Bremia lactucae (Bl)

Bl: 29
Bl: 30
Bl: 31

Bl: 33
Bl: 35
Bl: 36

Bl: 38

Bl: 39

Bl: 40


Green Towers
S1: Dandie
S2: R4T57D
S3: UCDm14
S4: Nun Dm15
S5: CGDm16
S6: Colorado
S7: FrRsal-1
S8: Argelès
S9: RYZ2164
S10: RYZ 910457
S11: Bedford
S12: Balesta
S13: Bartoli
S14: Design
S15: Kibrille

S16: Fenston

S17: Bataille

S18: RYZ20007

Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lactucae (Fol)

Race 1

S: Patriot
IR: Natexis
R: Costa Rica n°4

Gisela, Ballerina, Patriot, Costa Rica N°4, Lomeria*, Palmos

Race 4

S: Gisela
IR: Patriot
R: Lomeria

Lettuce mosaic virus (LMV)

Pathotype II

S: Sucrine
IR: Capitan

Sucrine, Capitan, Salinas 88, Ithaca, Vanguard 75

Pathotype III

S: Capitan
IR: Salinas 88


Nasonovia ribisnigri (Nr)

Race 0

S: Green Towers, Femke
R: Bedford

Green Towers, Bedford

Table Update : Novembre 2023