Variety Denomination Testing

Denomination testing

To be registered in the Official Catalogue of Species and Varieties, and to obtain a Plant Variety Right (PVR), a plant variety must have an approved denomination in accordance with the legislation in force.

To propose a variety denomination as part of a National Listing application, please fill in the Variety Denomination Proposal Form (Formulaire de proposition de dénomination variétale).

To propose a variety denomination  after filling the PVR application, please use the INOV Variety Denomination Proposal Form.

To find out the main points of the regulation and the administrative process for a variety denomination, you can read the "Information notice on variety denominations".

To follow the publication of the proposed dénominations, you can consult the INOV Official Gazette.

In case of refusal of a variety denomination, you will be informed by an official letter.

Services offered by GEVES

GEVES can provide information on the admissibility of a variety denomination with regard to denominations which are officially registered in countries of the European Union and in the UPOV member states. An international database has been created for this purpose, and is constantly updated in order to test all new denominations.

GEVES processes all applications for variety denominations in France and informs the applicant on the admissibility of these official proposals.

In addition to this official activity, GEVES offers a service (on subscription) for testing different denomination proposals - at short notice if needed - prior to filing an official application. The aim is to help the applicant increase the probability that their official variety proposals will be accepted, in order to avoid multiple proposal submissions during the registration or PVR application procedure, and reduce the time needed to officially record the denominations.



For more information on these tests and what they entail, please contact Ms Catherine MALATIER, Denomination Testing Service at GEVES.