UPOV BMT Working Group on Biochemical and Molecular Techniques: 23-25 September 2020

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UPOV BMT Working Group on Biochemical and Molecular Techniques: 23-25 September 2020

A hundred participants, representing forty countries and organisations, met on 23-25 September for the 19th BMT (Working Group on Biochemical and Molecular Techniques and DNA-Profiling in Particular) by videoconference.

The programme for this session included:

  • two presentations by France:
    • on the progress of the CPVO SNP Rapeseed project with the objective of developing a strategy for the use of SNP molecular markers in DUS* Rapeseed testing
    • presentation of the CAPGENOPHEN project, the aim of which is to experiment with the integration of molecular marking data for resistance genes in addition to phenotyping in the VCUS** testing process for new cereal varieties. These results applied to VCUS were presented to study their feasibility for DUS, and to complete UPOV model 1, “trait linked to a specific gene”, which only recommends replacing phenotyping by marking. 
  • continued work on the development of the framework document UPOV/INF/17 “Guidelines for DNA profiling: selection of molecular markers and construction of a database”.  
  • discussions on the accessibility and use of molecular data from DUS examinations. 


*DUS: Distinctness Uniformity Stability

**VCUS: Value for Cultivation, Use, and Sustainability


For more information, you can find all the documentation for this meeting at https://www.upov.int/meetings/fr/details.jsp?meeting_id=55674.

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