ToBRFV/ tomato-pepper and Aphis gossypii/melon, a CPVO project to propose new DUS protocols

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ToBRFV/ tomato-pepper and Aphis gossypii/melon, a CPVO project to propose new DUS protocols

At the end of October, the president of CPVO validated co-funding for the project:  “Updating DUS resistance tests according to pests’ evolution” aimed at:

– Setting up resistance tests to ToBRFV for tomato and pepper 

– Improvement of resistance test melon/Aphis gossypii 


The project will be piloted by GEVES in collaboration with representatives from 4 examination offices, INRAE and 9 seed companies. The aim is to propose protocols for evaluating disease resistance in vegetable varieties for DUS testing for ToBRFV/tomato and pepper and Aphis gossypii/melon. 

The objective is to develop for the evaluation of the resistance to ToBRFV a system usable for DUS for tomato and pepper. The different tasks will be: 

  • The characterization of ToBRFV isolates to define if there are different pathotypes and select a representative one. 
  • The development of a resistance test for use in DUS testing of tomato by validation of a biotest and a marker test. 
  • The estimation of the potential for grouping characteristic. 
  • The validation of the correlation between resistance of pepper to TMV/PMMoV and resistance to ToBRFV to update the current protocols with this information (if correlation). 


The second objective is to adapt the existing biotest of evaluation of melon resistance to Aphis gossypii to the predominant pathotypes and symptoms observed and to validate the use of a biomolecular method. The update of the protocol will be done by: 

  • The validation of Aphis gossypii melon biotypes and the selection of clones that represent the different biotypes and melon differentials for different commercial types. 
  • The validation of the resistance to biotype 0 and 1 with the current DUS protocol by colonization. 
  • The validation of a ‘Leaf-curling’ trait and its use in a new specific protocol for DUS. 
  • The validation of a molecular marker in DUS for resistance to biotype 0 


Figure 1: ToBRFV symptoms on tomato
Figure 2: leaf curling on melon (©U.Blancard (INRAE)



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