Promotion of GAIA, a variety comparison tool developed by GEVES, in Latin America

13 Mar 20 Image

Promotion of GAIA, a variety comparison tool developed by GEVES, in Latin America

IP KEY Latin America in collaboration with the CPVO, UPOV and SENADI (National Service of Intellectual Rights in Ecuador) aim to promote the “GAIA” Distinctness Support Software in Latin America.

In this context, Christelle LAVAUD and Hélène ORGEBIN from GEVES’s IT department went to Quito from 10-12 February to train 12 DHS technical experts.

The workshop was held in the Ecuadorian capital over 2 days, during which the 12 participants from 9 different countries were able to get to grips with the GAIA software. After the English version a few years ago, this was an opportunity to test the Spanish version of the software (thanks to UPOV and Léontino Taveira for the translations).

GAIA is a tool to assist experts in evaluating the distinctness of varieties. Its main objective is to reduce the number of varieties to be planted in the field during distinctness trials. Comparisons are made based on morphological and biochemical descriptions in order to obtain a phenotypic distance between 2 varieties. This distance can then be combined with a genetic distance to further reduce the number of field plantings.

The training was divided into 3 phases, a theoretical presentation of the tool, then a much longer practical application with the participants’ data prepared a few weeks before, and finally a presentation of examples of use of GAIA at GEVES on rapeseed, peas and maize.

The trainees were very satisfied with the training and underlined their interest in this complex software. This meeting was also an opportunity to collect suggestions for improvements, including the possibility to create a trial plan, to combine GAIA distance with COY D, to make webinars or video tutorials and perhaps release a Portuguese version.

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