News from the Grapevine Section of the CTPS

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News from the Grapevine Section of the CTPS

At a virtual meeting on 9 July 2020, the Grapevine Section of the CTPS: 

– Submitted the Enfariné noir variety , a traditional variety of Franche-Comté,  for listing in the official French catalogue.

– Gave a favourable opinion on the final classification for winemaking of 12 traditional, French and European varieties. 

– Gave a favourable opinion for 3 new clones (from Cot, Grolleau and Pinot gris cépage). 


The Section was also informed that the French text (arrêté) on vegetative propagative material of grapevine was updated on 17 June 2020, following the entry into force of the Plant Health Regulation and repealing the Order of 20 September 2006. A new revision of this text is planned shortly.  

With regard to the denominations of new varieties, the Section took note of the steps taken by the Ministry of Agriculture to amend the European regulations. France considers that such names associating an emblematic grape variety name with a fancy name are likely to create confusion with respect to existing emblematic varieties, and has asked the European Commission to align the “catalogue” regulations with the OIV’s variety identification protocol. However, these steps are still perceived as highly technical in the absence of professional relay. 

Finally, the Section was informed of the complete overhaul of the PlantGrape site. The new version will soon be available and is adapted for consultation with smartphones. The Section was also informed of the forthcoming publication of the CEPP (CEPP = certificat d’économie de produits phytopharmaceutiques, certificate of economy of phytopharmaceutical products) sheet concerning grapevine varieties resistant to fungi diseases, allowing a substantial reduction in fungicides. 

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