Varmaïs: a new website for choosing maize varieties

7 Sep 21 Image

Varmaïs: a new website for choosing maize varieties

GEVES, ARVALIS (French arable crops R&D institute) and UFS (French seed association for seed companies & plant breeders) have joined forces to develop Varmaïs, an online tool for consulting references from variety evaluation networks in France, to help in the choice of grain and forage maize varieties.

Varmaïs presents, with complete neutrality, strong and reliable references from the French variety evaluation trial networks for national listing (CTPS/GEVES), and post-registration (ARVALIS and UFS – Maize and Sorghum Section).

This tool has been designed for all farmers, breeders, technicians from extension and distribution services, seed companies and, more generally, for all those involved in the maize sector.

Varmaïs will be available free of charge and accessible online from a smartphone, tablet or computer from 10 September 2021: visit


This tool was developed with funding from various sources including Semae


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