DUS Chrysanthemum in the spotlight

29 Nov 23 Image

DUS Chrysanthemum in the spotlight

On 19 October, GEVES hosted the second day of the CPVO’s annual meeting of ornamental plant experts at its Brion experimental station.

The CPVO, associations representing breeders and European examination offices were able to meet in person and visit the facilities and DUS trials conducted on ornamental plants at Brion by GEVES. This was an opportunity to discuss the DUS of the Chrysanthemum species. Under a radiant sun, experts from different countries were able to share their knowledge and opinions on the 351 Chrysanthemum varieties present in the GEVES trial, not forgetting the 1,300 or so varieties in the collection kept in insect-proof greenhouses. . It was a good opportunity for all the participants to meet their counterparts and for GEVES to demonstrate its expertise in DUS assessment.

Watch the video filmed by the CPVO during the day.

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