17th International EUCARPIA Meeting on Genetics and Breeding of Capsicum and Eggplant 

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17th International EUCARPIA Meeting on Genetics and Breeding of Capsicum and Eggplant 

For the 17th Eucarpia meeting on capiscum and eggplant which took place this year in Avignon, the Cavaillon unit welcomed fifty researchers from all over the world. The visit presented GEVES’s activities, focusing on the latest advanced techniques in plant pathology and molecular marking which have been implemented to support DUS studies for pepper and aubergine species. A field visit was also set up to present more than 140 accessions of wild and/or related species to illustrate the various French public research programs carried out on peppers and aubergines over the last 40 years. Visitors were able to observe and touch this great diversity of plants at one location. 

 During the meeting and technical visit, the results of various studies were presented in poster form by the SNES (pathology), BioGEVES (molecular marking and biochemistry) and SEV (variety study sector) sectors: 

  • ISF guidelines on the nomination of novel plant pest races; Vincent Thomas (Bayer, Lyon, France), Himmel Phyllis (University of California, Davis, USA), Brown Philip (Sakata, Morgan Hill, USA), Ruthner Szabolcs (ISF, Nyon, Switzerland), PERROT Sophie (GEVES, Beaucouzé, France), Grimault Valérie (GEVES, Beaucouzé, France) 
  • Development of a resistance test of pepper to Meloidogyne incognita and eggplant to Verticillium dahliae for DUS  testing; PERROT Sophie (GEVES, Beaucouzé, France), Buffard Mathilde (GEVES, Beaucouzé, France), Grimault Valérie (GEVES, Beaucouzé, France) 
  • Pungency in Capsicum plant : UHPLC method to quantify Capsacinoids compounds (Patricia LEM, François LE DORZE, Françoise JOURDAN, David HIDROT) 
  • Possible use of SSR markers to optimise DUS test in Capsicum annuum L. (Muriel Thomasset, Anne Bernole, Bénédicte Jaudeau, Françoise, Carole Dirwimmer, David Hidrot, Arnaud Remay) 



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