Renovation works in the Germination Laboratory

26 Oct 21Image

Renovation works in the Germination Laboratory

Writtern by contributeur

The construction works wonctinue to improve health and safety conditions in the Germination laboratory. Following the renovation of the laboratory section for analysing field crop species, it is now the turn for the two other seed analyst teams who analyse all the other species with small seeds. As for the first part of the works, it is above all a question of installing at each work station individual aspiration equipment to protect staff at the time of sowing and reading germination tests. These systems were developed to meet the needs of the analyses and were co-designed with the teams concerned. The installation of this equipment is accompanied by a change in the air treatment system which should allow for improved thermal comfort in the laboratory.

The works are planned from the beginning of October to mid-December 2021. During this period, back-up solutions have been put in place within the laboratory and the testing station in order to maintain the different activities planned at this period of the year.


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