Visit to the Anjouère station for CPVO seminar on 28 April

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Visit to the Anjouère station for CPVO seminar on 28 April

The CPVO organised a European seminar on 28 April 2022 with the theme “Plant Variety Protection: the path towards more sustainability, innovation and growth in the European Union”. GEVES contributed its experience by participating in a plenary session. GEVES also organised a visit to the Anjouère variety testing unit during the day, which was attended by more than thirty people: MEPs, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the European Commission, the CPVO and numerous European professional associations.

Presentations were made on how flax DUS tests are carried out, on cereal rust resistance tests and their use in variety testing for national listing, and research work to develop testing for tolerance of rapeseed varieties to sclerotinia. The visitors highlighted the importance of variety testing to meet environmental issues.


Link to video replay of CPVO Seminar



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