Recognition of GEVES’s activities in 2019!

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Recognition of GEVES’s activities in 2019!

Recognition by external organisations (ISTA, CPVO, AFNOR, COFRAC) allows us to demonstrate the quality of our work carried out within the framework of GEVES’s missions. 

The beginning of 2019 included several audits: 

  • ISTA carried out an audit over 2 days (exceptional duration taking into account the size of our scope, available on allowing the renewal of our accreditation for the next 3 years and the addition of a new method to our scope (7-030). 
  •  The CPVO analysed the measures taken by GEVES on its Brion and Cavaillon sites to carry out examinations for protection: 
    • of the 54 new genera declined into 143 new ornamental species for which we are already entrusted. 
    • 4 species of the genus “Chrysanthemum (Natural season)” and 11 species of the genus “SALVIA” for which GEVES is seeking entrustment. 
  • AFNOR, as part of a surveillance audit, confirmed our certification for management according to the ISO 9001 standard for VCU testing and biochemical and molecular biology analyses on varieties and seeds. 
  • As part of the monitoring plan, COFRAC audited the SNES and BioGEVES laboratories in Beaucouzé and Surgères (Accreditation n°1-1316 and 1-6176, Tests, list of sites and scope available on Auditors also verified the adaptation of the quality management system to the new version of ISO 17025 version 2017. They expressed their confidence in the analyses carried out by GEVES and the formal decision of COFRAC should be taken soon. 


These audits are an opportunity for auditors to highlight GEVES’s strong points: the dedication and high-level expertise of its teams, a proven quality management system, equipment monitoring (metrology), facilities, IT tools, etc. 

These recognitions, renewed and maintained for many years, demonstrate GEVES’s ongoing commitment to ensuring a high quality of service to the sector.  

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