Happy Birthday to INOV which is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

8 Mar 22 Image

Happy Birthday to INOV which is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

INOV was created by the French law n° 2011-1843 of 8 December 2011 on plant variety protection rights.

Following the publication of the law, a new team was set up in March 2012, taking over from the Committee for Plant Variety Protection. This team consists of two people: a manager and an assistant.

Decree n° 2014-731 of 27 June 2014 confirmed the official establishment of INOV, the French National Office for Plant Breeders’ Rights, and the adaptation of provisions relating to plant variety rights.

2022 is a milestone year: it marks the first 10 years of INOV’s operation. During this year, INOV will continue to publish its collection of fact sheets (A4 format) on various themes related to variety protection, on the INOV webpage. We invite you to read these fact sheets, follow our news, and be a part of INOV’s anniversary!


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